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ST - Applique Starter Set

This set has everything you need need to create beautiful and easy cotton applique.  I have been trialing many different forms of applique but was introduced to the Apliquick Tools by Lynette Anderson and gave them a try, I love them, they give me really beautiful results and it is so very, very easy.  

The Apliquick scissors are perfect for cutting out shapes with their micro-serrated edge, fabulous for shaving off that extra little bit of seam allowance.

The Apliquick Rods are my new favorite toy. One rod as a forked end and grips your fabric and can also be used to spin it around as you work around the shape. The other rod has a beveled edge, once you have added a smear of glue pen to the edge of the applique paper the beveled edge is used to turn the seam allowance of your shapes over, you can use a rolling motion to do this and then press the flat angle of the bevel along the edge of the applique to smooth it out. It is really so easy to do.

The Applique Design mat grips the fabric as you are applying the glue and turning the seam allowance over on.

The Applique Paper provides the perfect foundation for your applique shapes.

The set comes with a pattern sheet and instructions to get you going.

Total value of the set $156.40