I have been designing my own quilts for well over twenty years now and have been publishing them for about ten years.  They are available under my new business name of Hat Creek Quilts.

My two obsessions are pieced blocks using reproduction cotton prints and applique using washed woven wool and I love to combine the two into my own unique designs.  I take inspiration from antique quilts, wallpaper designs, ceramic tiles, iron and timber work on buildings as well as the art work on the spines of old books.

Most of my designs are symmetrical because I love to see the secondary patterns that can come out of a design when you repeat an element or set it in a mirror image.  Symmetry is so easy to achieve with the techniques that are included in all of my patterns.

All of my patterns have full scale design sheets, as well as step by step instructions.  I have simple designs suitable for the beginner as well as more detailed designs, however with wool applique it is all so easy that even the more detailed designs can be achieved by an absolute beginner.

My catalogue of patterns is available for retail or wholesale.