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Welcome to Hat Creek Quilts, I would like to share some news with you about changes that I will be making from December 2018.

Hat Creek Quilts is just about to celebrate it's third Birthday.  In the last three years lots of amazing things have happened to me in my business life (fabric and books). There have also been lots of things happening in my private life as well.  It is now time to refocus on what is most important to me and make some changes that will help me in the next phase of my life.

Designing quilts is my great love, my head-space is constantly full of quilt layouts.  For me the joy is in the planning as much as the making so I will continue to do that.  Hopefully you will still see new designs popping up in magazines from time to time.  I will also continue to publish my own designs to sell through my website.

I have loved working with the team at Leutenegger on reproducing fabrics from antique quilts that I own, this is something that is very important to me so the plan is definitely to continue with that.

I also love teaching my quilt techniques sharing my home with others. I will continue to run small classes here at Hat Creek and have the odd large workshop in our beautiful Campania Hall.

So what does that leave?? My shop!! After thirteen years in patchwork retail as The Quilted Crow and then Hat Creek Quilts it is time to finish that part of my life.

In the coming weeks and months I will be offering almost all of my stock at a reduced price.  I unfortunately can't do this through my website as it is not set up to record stock as it is sold and make ajustments as the stock levels alter.

I will only be able to offer the sale price if you ring or email me with your order.  That way if there is only one and a half metres left on the bolt, of the fabric that you would like, we can discuss whether that will still suit your needs.

I will be advising of the sale price on the front page of each of the categories in my Patchwork Commodities, you can still view all of the products through the website, but you will have to place your order directly with me.  I hope that all makes sense.

I also intend to have some OPEN HOUSE days so you can come with a few friends, have a cuppa and cake, stitch a little and buy a few bargains while you are here.

I have to share one more thing with you ----- I like to keep my personal life private but I need to free up some time because I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA  and I am so excited and want to be available to help my daughter as she runs two businesses and is going to need my help with managing that as well as a baby.   

So very happy days ahead for me.  Please buy lots of fabric so I can free up space for nursery furniture.

Happy Trails,